- Paint (color/feelings/materials/noises/movements) or find paint
- Intervene in public spaces
- Think of it as an element
- Take photo(s) / video(s)
- Upload to website
(- Share to social media using #1world1painting)

This project is about creating awareness of being in one world together - about connections between places and people. Imagine a painting made by humans spread out over planet earth. Painted elements in different areas and times which are connected through this website. An experiment that asks: What is time? What is space? What is painting? Can we create something together? And if so, what does it look like? If you read this, I really hope for your contribution. No matter who and where you are, your contribution will always be valued. Only you see the world the way you do. There are no rules for your contribution, just simple guidelines to consider so it's a focused painting.

This project was initialized by painter and songwriter Peter Piek in 2022 but dates back to 2016 when first elements appeared. "Painting is the dissolution of movement into liberty."